Gemischter Satz 08/2011

1.) The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Volumes 1-3

A set of 3 female-centric, post-punk mixes from the Musicophilia blog. To quote:

In a way, it seems slightly odd to explore “the role of women in post-punk” because I don’t want to ghettoise or marginalise it–women were so central that there is none of the feeling of searching for exceptions to the rule here: many of the artists featured are Big Names, who’d make any top-40 list of Most Important Post-Punk Bands.  However, singling women out only illustrates their centrality: you could play these mixes for a post-punk neophyte, and they would come away with a good sense of the breadth and depth of the fertile era/ethos; but they might not even notice, if you didn’t point it out, that the mix focuses on women.

Tracklist, Download etc… – hier auf Dangerous Minds

2.) Marc Giai-Miniet

Marc Giai-Miniet, geboren 1946 in Trappes, Frankreich, wo er auch noch heute in seinem Geburtshaus lebt und arbeitet, studierte an der l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris und ist Generalsekretär des Salon de Mai (Einer Künstlervereinigung, die sich 1943 in Paris zum Widerstand gegen das Gedankengut der Nazis gründete). [weiterlesen]

3.) Bilderfluten

4.) Andrew Myers dreht tausende Schrauben unterschiedlich tief in Holzplatten… [weiterlesen bei iGNANT]

5.) 150 famous movie lines and catch-phrases in 11 minutes

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