Gemischter Satz 50/2010

1.) Graffomat Teleshopping Video

Über den “Graffomat” hatten wir hier schonmal geschrieben. Ein Automat (im Stil dieser Süssigkeiten Automaten an Bahnhöfen), der einem die Möglichkeit bietet Sprühdosen, Caps, Skimasken oder andere Graffitiutensilien zu kaufen. Das Ding existiert natürlich in der Form nicht, zumindest nicht serienmäßig, aber die Idee an sich ist sehr nice.

[via We like that]

2.) Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager – Legendary Queens of Pin-Up

„…The pairing of pinup Bettie Page and shutterbug Bunnie Yeager was a deadly one-two punch combining beauty and brains.  It was Bettie Page’s trademark black baby bangs, blue eyes, and red lips that are seared on our mind’s eye– but Yeager deserves a lot of credit for the photographic talent behind many of Page’s most memorable shots.  Together they undoubtedly created some of the most iconic, influential, and titillating pin-up images ever that paved the way for the countless female models, actresses, artists and performers that would follow…“

weiterlesen und viele Bilder anschauen…
[via The Selvedge Yard]

3.) Six Led Zeppelin songs that you have probably never heard before

Die anderen 5 nach dem klick
[via Dangerous Minds]

4.) Photographer: David Drebin

[via Lyssa humana]

5.) Rare Documentary on Captain Beefheart

The Artist Formerly Known as Captain Beefheart is a BBC documentary from 1997, on the late, great Don Van Vliet. Its presented by the also late and lamented DJ, John Peel, who was once tour driver for Captain Beefheart, and contains contributions from Frank Zappa, John French, Ry Cooder, and Matt Groening.

4 Teile – nach dem klick

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