Eco-city 2020

Gigantic Domed City

A Russian company has unveiled plans to built a 100,000-person domed city in an abandoned Mir diamond mine in Siberia. The city named Eco-city 2020. The Mir diamond mine is the second largest excavated hole in the world, quarter-mile wide and over 1,700 feet deep, the mine would be completely covered over with a glass dome to protect the city from the weather in Siberia, and the solar cells embedded in the dome would power the city.  Designers AB Elise explained:
„The new city is planned to be divided in 3 main levels with a vertical farm, forests, residences, and recreational areas. On of the most interesting aspects of the proposal is the glass dome that will protect the city and would be covered by photovoltaic cells that will harvest enough solar energy for the new development. “
An estimated 100,000 people would be able to live in Eco-city, and architects are hoping that it would help to attract tourists to Eastern Siberia

[via LikeCOOL]

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