Okt 07

Brooke Shaden – Photos

außergewöhnliche Photographien von Brooke Shaden – enjoy!

Brooke Shaden was born in March of 1987 in Lancaster, PA, USA. She grew up near the „Amish Country“ where she lived until attending Temple University. Brooke was photographically born in December 2008 after graduating from Temple with two degrees: film and English. She now resides in Los Angeles, CA, USA with her husband and three cats.

Okt 05


Sensationelle Photographien von Industrieanlagen,
aufgelassenen Fabriken…

The sceneries of large industrial facilities, construction sites, and images of giant equipments, pipelines, chimneys, tanks, etc. have always inspired artists to create visual works, commonly tagged as “industrial”. Industrial photography is one of the most common forms of such art, where particular manufacturing or production surroundings are at sharp focus. Whether it is a modern, highly technological plant with the definite signs of rapid progress and constant motion apparently expressed by its even smallest detail or, on the contrary, an abandoned quarry, where the time itself seems to be frozen and stiff, – an eye of a skillful photographer can always find the particular angle, where an industrial scene can be turned into an artful panorama with highlighted focus and meaningful details at the sidelines.

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Sep 30

Henrik Adamsen

Découverte des séries du photographe de mode Henrik Adamsen, basé au Danemark. Il a commencé comme retoucheur dans les années 90 pour construire aujourd’hui sa carrière autour de la direction artistique et des shootings pour des clients comme Envy ou Tina Casmose.

mehr Bilder und 1 Video gibts auf: fubiz

Sep 28

Szenen aus China

boston.com hat auf der „The Big Picture“-Site 43 großartige Phots
unter dem Motto „Scenes from China“ – hinklicken, anschauen !

The past several months in China have brought devastating floods, a mysterious North Korean jet crash, the Mid-Autumn festival, crackdowns on gambling and much more. A country with nearly the same land area as the United States, China is home to over a billion more people than the U.S. (1.3 billion to be more precise), and as it grows economically, it is grappling with environmental, social and political issues that affect people and places around the world. Collected here, from the past several months, are photographs from around China, the land and the people – their daily lives, challenges, work and play.

Sep 23

Photographie Danielle Tunstall

Beeindruckende und verstörende Portraits von Danielle Tunstall

“The hardest thing for me and my style of work is getting the right reaction and expression out of models. I don’t use professional models, just everyday people who are normally nervous and uncomfortable in front of cameras. People’s natural reaction is to smile when you put a camera in there face but I have to stand there shouting at them “act like you want to f*cking kill me” and so on!”

via Who Killed Bambi?