Mrz 05

Hippies, Beatniks… – NSFW !

Psyche Grind 2011: Into the pit of drug-induced depravity

Hippies,beatniks, go go dancers and acidheads let it all hang out in a psychedelic group grope set to the now sounds of the new generation. Mature audiences only.

“What Goes On” (live) – The Velvet Underground
“Cellophane Woman” – Sopwith Camel
“Help You Ann’ – The Lyres
“Time Machine” – Satori
“Roller Girl” – Anna Karina
“She Has Funny Cars” – The Jefferson Airplane
“I Haven’t Got The Nerve” – The Left Banke
“Sally I Do” – Abdullah’s Regime
“Hold Me Now” – The Rumors
“Mona” – The Pleasures

Break out the Kama Sutra oil, the Nepalese Temple Balls and the Nag Champa incense and get ready to freak out!


Feb 21

Sommer-Feeling (NSFW)

Hab ich mich vorgestern schon über den Winter beschwert, ist die Lage heute nicht besser. Vorgestern und gestern so ca. +2°C und eisiger Wind, heute in der Nacht, als ich in die Arbeit fuhr: -9°C. Leute, ich bin es leid. 2 T-Shirts, Pullover, Jacke, dicke Socken, Winter-Schuhe. Holz holen (das Lager wird merklich kleiner). Fette tote Tiere essen. Kein Grün regt sich im Garten (na ja, ein paar Schneeglöckerl am Rande des Kirschblütenradweges ausgenommen). Ich könnte noch weiter jammern. Nein. Ich träume. Vom Frühling. Vom Sommer. Nennt mich einen alten Lüstling. Egal. Das Video geb ich mir einmal am Tag. Mindestens. Danke, Andrew Kykendall

Feb 07

R.I.P. Tura Satana

Cult actress Tura Satana has died

Tura Satana died yesterday of heart failure, in Reno, Nevada. Satana had a brief but iconic career during which she was an exotic dancer, starred in the ground-breaking cult film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, dated Elvis Presley and became a cinematic icon. [weiterlesen]


noch schnell ein Nachtrag, den ich auf it’s deadlicious gefunden habe…

Jan 29


Ein Dokumentarfilm des 2004 verstorbenen Filmemachers John Samson

„Dressing For Pleasure“:
The 1977 fetish film that influenced Britain’s punk scene

„…In 1977 Samson made Dressing For Pleasure, a documentary about ordinary people who enjoyed dressing in rubber and who approached their fetish with a matter of factness that seems almost quaint. The film was an immediate sensation among British fashion designers and within the London punk scene and was promptly banned as a video nasty. It ended up becoming one of the most ripped off British films of the 1970s…“

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