Aug 20

Wochenend-Videos XXI

1.) Hallucii



TELEPHONEME | MK12 from MK12 on Vimeo.

„…Okay, dieser Kurzfilm ist eigentlich mehr eine Animation, aber wenn, dann eine sehr, sehr coole. Der Film stammt von der schwedischen Agentur MK12, die auf ihrer Seite noch ein paar Informationen mehr bieten, die mich an dieser Stelle aber gerade nicht so sehr interessieren. Der Film allein genügt mir momentan einfach…“


3.) Skateboarders from Hell


4.) Interplay – My Best Friend’s Street @ WoA 2 2008

Interplay – My Best Friend’s Street @ WoA 2 2008 from B-Ju on Vimeo.

5.) Tutto nero – Caterina Caselli


Aug 06

Wochenend-Videos XIX

1.) KOTTARASHKY „Chetiri“

VIA Balkan Muse – The Balkan Music Blog

2.) SSION „CLOWN“ Official Music Video

Quelle: SFMOMA

3.) Jake Davis Test Shot: Julia Jacobson

Jake Davis Test Shots: Julia Jacobson from Jake Davis on Vimeo.

Quelle: ???

4.) The Chest by Alice Hawkins

„…This week, our Fashion Body is taking a decidedly sexual twist – first Ruth Hogben’s buttocks were prominently showcased on Monday, and today photographer Alice Hawkins‘ chest takes centre stage. Or rather, her vision of the chest does, captured on a whirlwind topless road-trip across the Nevada Desert and paying titillating tribute to the great, grand bare-breasted tradition of the iconic Las Vegas showgirl…“

Aug 05

Keith Haring and Grace Jones

„…In the mid-1980s Grace Jones’s body became the flesh canvas upon which Keith Haring created some of his most striking images. In the process, Haring contributed to Jones’s reputation an innovator of cutting edge style and fashion. She wore Haring’s body paint in the video for her song I’m Not Perfect and in live performance at New York City’s Paradise Garage.
Body painting was a natural extension of the ephemeral nature of Haring’s art. Like subway graffiti and street art, it isn’t intended to last.
I remember the days before Haring became famous, when his “Radiant Baby” graffiti was as ubiquitous on the streets of New York as the smell of urine and the sound of ghetto blasters. For awhile, Haring was New York
In these photos we see Haring preparing Jones for her role in the 1986 movie Vamp, in which she portrays Katrina the Queen of The Vampires….“

mehr Fotos und ein Video: Dangerous Minds

Jul 23

Wochenend-Videos XVII

1.) Shukar Collective – Oh Girl by Matei-Alexandru Mocanu

Shukar Collective – Oh Girl from Matei-Alexandru Mocanu on Vimeo.

Quelle: yay!everyday und/oder David Lee DOP

2. PIN UP GIRLS – by Bell Soto plus

PIN UP GIRLS from Bell Soto on Vimeo.
Video by Bell Soto for Vmagazine featuring Hillary Rhoda, Tori Praever, Ana Beatriz, Candice, Valerie Bullen, Bette and Kim Noorda

Photography Frank De Blase
Stylist Jay Massacret
Hair Holli Smith
Make up Benjamin Puckey

Please do not embed without permission. thanks

3.) Bert & Ernie – Ante Up!

Bert & Ernie – Ante Up!
Hochgeladen von PeteRock. – Sieh die neuesten vorgestellten Musikvideos.

Quelle: Delphine Hauene

4.) The Geisha – by Jacques Magazine

‚The Geisha‘ from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

Quelle: Jacques Magazine

5.) BEN L’ONCLE SOUL -SOULMAN- (Official Music Video)

BEN L’ONCLE SOUL -SOULMAN- (Official Music Video) from // Videodrome on Vimeo.

Quelle: Weiß ich nicht mehr…